New Cornish Hampers Gift Boxes

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We're delighted to introduce our beautiful new gift boxes used for our delicious Cornish Hampers. The new box is designed to look great, perfectly represent Cornwall and reduce waste as its fully recyclable cardboard. The box opens in the same style as a pizza box does for a more 'gifty' feel. Inside the box we use wood wool to protect and fill the space around our Cornish food and drink.

Cornish Hampers Gift Box

About the Gift Box Design

We used a local SW based artist to create the beautiful typically Cornish scene shown on the front and top of the box. It's not an actual picture of anywhere in particular in Cornwall but instead includes some of the things that Cornwall is famous for. On one side of the estuary we have a beach with waves gentle braking. Opposite is a quaint Cornish harbour and seaside town nestled below an old Cornish tin mine. Sailing boats, fishing boats and a tall ship occupy the harbour and estuary mouth. On the horizon is a small island and lighthouse, similar to Godrevy Lighthouse. As our gifts are food focused, in the foreground of the picture is a picnic complete with a cream tea (made the Cornish way!) and Cornish pasties.

New Hampers the come in our Gift Box

We've been busy uploading more Cornish hampers to our website:

Cornish Cream Tea Hampers in our new Gift Box

Cornish Food Hampers in our new Gift Box

Where the fit allows gift baskets and small hampers will also be placed inside our new boxes as we're keen to show them off as much as possible!


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